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Why the feet?

why the feet?Have you ever wondered why the feet are the most often suggested area of the body to apply essential oils?

The feet are the second fastest area of the body to absorb oils because of the large pores. Other quick absorbing areas include behind the ears and on the wrists.

It is also recommended to apply essential oils to the acupressure point on the feet.

Reflexology is thousands of years old practice of massaging acupressure points on the feet or hands to relieve stress, illness, pain, and to stimulate mental, emotional, physical and healing and well-being in all body systems. Reflexology is said to build resistance to stress, and rejuvenates by stimulating meridians, circulation, nerve systems, and detoxing.

Each area of the foot has energy channels (called meridians) to a particular body organ system. Rubbing stimulates that area.

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