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Benefits of Basil

basil-2Primary Benefits

  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Assists with clear breathing
  • Acts as a cooling agent for the skin
  • Promotes mental alertness and lessens anxiety

Basil has a warm, spicy, yet herbal aroma known to enhance memory function while reducing stress and tension. Basil provides restorative benefits to both the mind and body due to its high linalool content, making it an ideal application for sore muscles and joints and to reduce tension when applied to the temples and back of neck.

The Healing Power of Comfrey

Comfrey CreamThis soothing, non-staining form of comfrey cream has had the toxic PA’s removed from it. Only the leave, stems and flowers are used to product the comfrey extract.

Comfrey is a powerful healer for many reasons including: It sooths pain, slows down further damage to tissue and fast-forwards the production of cartilage, tendons and muscles.

It quickly and efficiently rebuilds damaged blood, bone and flesh. It helps with injuries such as burns, bites, rashes, swollen tissue, sprains and broken bones.

Comfrey has an ingredient call allantoin and encourages cell growth at a an accelerated rate. It also enhances white blood cell production and helps ward off many types of infections and diseases.

Comfrey boast of a host of vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C and E. It has 15 essential minerals.

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