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Bridget Says…

My Story: I had been sick for a long time. I could manage doing somethings part of the time, but I never felt like a normal person. ( I’m still not normal though lol ) I was sleeping all the time. Even when Devan was little. I never had a problem sleeping. I could sleep all day, & still sleep that night. But I was still chronically fatigued. I had lots of allergy symptoms, extreme migraines, hot flashes, & depression. My immune system was dead. Even as a child. In school I had a hard time with comprehension. If I ever stayed up late then I’d be sick for a week. One day dad told me lets go to an allergist to see if that’s what it is. Because something isn’t right. So I was treated for allergies for YEARS!!! All this did was help cover the problem. I still had symptoms, we honestly thought I was some what better. The weight gain and depression got worse. Took pills for those things too. One year and one month ago, Mom was at the bank and heard from a friend about a lady I should go to. She had done good things for her daughter and thought she could help me. I agreed when mom & dad said lets try. Cause we were at the point to go again to a allergist, or it had to be something serious.

At 1st I referred to her as my voodoo lady lol. But KNOW THIS: She saved my life!! I did a test 1st it reads off the energy from your body. A computer showed how over stressed my body was. shows weakness, normal, & overstressed. I did not tell her anything about how I felt. She told me!! My test was all overstressed except one. For Me: I needed to detox. I changed my diet. NO sugar, No yeast, No grains containing mold corn worst one, no preservatives or additives ect… You get the picture. Mainly go back to food that our grandparents had as children and their parents. REAL FOOD. It’s like Celiac Disease, with extreme allergy to mold, & most milk products. I have never followed a diet in my life. This I did. and got better. Dad told me I do this one because, I don’t what to be sick anymore. Once in awhile I mess up NOT by choice. Just not realizing what something had in it. I have found foods that don’t make me sick, it just takes lots of research. I get my homeopathic herbs from Evelyn. The herbs and diet together worked. I do not take ANY medications now. Tylenol if I absolutely need to. It gives me side affects. It’s not been easy, but not as hard as I thought. So Evelyn saved my life… Bridget