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Why Herbs?

1. What are Herbs?

  • Herbs are the highest quality food known to man containing vitamin, minerals and trace elements in natural balance and harmony.

2. Why use Herbs?

  • It is our sincere belief that our Creator put herbs upon the earth to maintain and restore our health. We believe that herbs get to the cause of health problems.

3. Are there bad side effects with using herbs?

  • No, but some people experience cleansing action on the body when first using herbs (such as nausea, diarrhea, aches, etc.). It is this detoxifying process that helps bring the body into a state of health.

4. Do I treat herbs like drugs?

  •  (for example: small dosages, caution in mixing & possible overdose)
  • Herbs are FOOD, not drugs. Herbs can be taken in large quantities with no harmful side effects. Mixing herbs has less of a side effect than eating different foods together. Therefore, you can take all the herbs you want to get greater health benefits. Most chemical drugs can be taken at the same time as hers, but is preferable to take at different times.

5. How many herbs should I take and for how long?

  • When using a new her, begin with a recommended dosage and observe how your body reacts to it. If you do not receive the desires result, increase of decrease the dosage accordingly. When herbs are used for restoring health, dosages will need to be five-to-seven times that which is required for maintaining health. Depending of course on the ailment and the severity of it.