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Carrier Oils

EssentialOiland carrierCarrier Oils are used with Essential oils. Essential oils in their pure form are not meant to be applied directly to the skin.

They are diluted as follows:

Use a carrier oil  with an Essential oil at a rate of 2 to 5 drops to a tsp (5ml) of carrier oil.

Example: 2oz of carrier oil = 60ml so you would need 12 to 20 drops of essential oil to the 2oz bottle. If you were using 2 types of essential oil you would 10 drops of each kind.

Our essential oils come in 5ml (about 100 drops). This diluted with a carrier oil is enough to make several batches of applyable oil.

Areas to apply your home made blend? The arms, hands, joints and one of the best places to absorb your essential oils is the bottoms of the feet.

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