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steviaStevia is in the sunflower family, native to subtropical and tropical regions from western North America to South America. The species Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf, or simply stevia, is widely grown for its sweet leaves.

As a sweetener and sugar substitute, stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar, although some of its extracts may have a bitter or licorice-like aftertaste at high concentrations.

As a sweetener in foods, and medicinally as a cardiac stimulant, for obesity, hypertension and heartburn, and to help lower uric acid levels.

Stevia has an on blood glucose, and may even enhance glucose tolerance it may be useful as a natural sweetener for diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets. used in treatment for diabetes mellitus type 2.

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