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Clove Essential Oil

cloveEugenia caryophyllata
A favorite among health-care providers and health-conscious individuals, Clove is more than a popular cooking spice.

  • Powerful antioxidant properties
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Cleans teeth and gums

Place one drop of Clove in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect.

Helps to clean the teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath.

Combine with Hand and Body Lotion for a warming massage.

During your nightly routine, add one drop of clove to your toothbrush before applying toothpaste.

After your six month cleaning at the dentist, apply one drop Clove to teeth and gums.

love essential oil contains powerful antioxidant properties.*

During the Fall and Winter season, diffuse three drops Clove, two drops Cinnamon, and one drop Wild Orange for an invigorating scent.

Place two to three drops in a Veggie Cap and take internally to support cardiovascular health.*

Naturally repels insects


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